At Holy Rosary, we recognise the huge disruption that the coronavirus pandemic has caused to children’s learning. As such, we remain determined to provide the best possible remote education when required.

Using our remote education offer, we will continue to support children who are unable to attend school for any reason relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, including any groups/ bubbles of children who are self-isolating. This will primarily be done via our Google Classroom platform.

Through Google Classroom, children will have access to daily learning. By using Google Classroom, the children can submit their work and receive feedback from their class teachers. Google Classroom will also be used to conduct live lessons with their classes at set times.

Live Lesson Schedule

Our live lesson schedule for school is as follows:

Please look out for communications from school in case the schedule alters.

Live Lesson – Classroom Rules & Guidance

  • Mute your microphone so that there isn’t lots of background noise.
  • If you have a question you can unmute and ask but please make sure you mute yourself once you are finished.
  • You can ask questions in the chat area of the meeting and the teacher or another member of staff will monitor this.
  • Have your camera on, but feel free to blur the background out.
  • Just like in a normal lesson please remain sensible, and respect members of staff and other children.
  • Be ready for your lesson early, including having paper and a pencil by you.

How can parents support with remote education?

Remote education can never fully replace normal learning in-school. Parents are not teachers, nor do we expect you to be! These are challenging times and we do not wish to put additional burdens or pressures on our families.

 We ask parents to support their children by:

  • Being aware of the work that is set online
  • Keeping up-to-date with communication from school (via letters, Parent Mail, text messages and school’s Facebook and Twitter pages)
  • Providing children with a suitable, calm environment in which to learn at home
  • Keeping children in a positive routine
  • Encouraging children to complete all work to the best of their ability
  • Asking for support from staff where needed
  • Remaining calm and keeping a sense of perspective in these challenging times.

Remember, parents have always been the primary educators of their children! There is a great deal of merit in time spent together reading, going for a walk, watching TV, playing games, cooking, singing, building a living room fort and a whole host of other activities! School work is just a part of how we develop our children.

Parents may find this guide useful about how to grow in confidence when guiding learning in a home environment, please click here.

Time Together – Social Sessions

As well as our live lessons and online learning, we acknowledge that it is important for children’s wellbeing to see their friends and maintain the social connections lost during lockdown.  

Each class has several short sessions per week during lockdown to allow them to come together, share news, show things and ask questions to their teachers. Keeping connected is so important for all our children.


Keeping our children safe is crucial to us, whether they are physically in school or learning online.

For reference, in our ‘Policies’ section, you will find our:

  • Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and guidelines
  • Remote learning policy
  • Digital safeguarding policy

If you have any concerns about the safety of one of our pupils, please contact our DSL (Mr Jewkes) as a matter of urgency.

Support with Home Learning

Any support needed with home learning, please email the class teachers via our year group email accounts:

Alternatively, call our office on 01902 878440.

Please see our remote learning documents below for further information: